About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to impact the world through fasting, praying and showing God’s Love in everything we do. Our passion and goal is to seek out the lost, win them to Christ and making them His disciples.
In order for our mission statement to become a reality, we are fully committed to incorporating our core values on a daily basis.

Core Values: WORK + Accountability + Responsibility = WAR

Work: We are dedicated to working tirelessly in the efforts of changing our communities. We are devoted to working hard on every project, initiative and concept as church. We will incorporate “unity” and “love” in everything we do.

Accountability: We are dedicated to being accountable for our actions. We will stand up and be “heard” in our community. Where there is a need, we will step in to make a difference through mentoring, having a food pantry, cleaning our neighborhoods, promoting education, health awareness and social issues, etc.

Responsibility: We are dedicated to being responsible for our helping our church, our own individual lives, and those in need reach their fullest potential in God. We will not settle for anything less but greatness. We will do everything with a “spirit of excellence”.

Prayer and Fasting
Our church was built on fasting and praying; laying before God, seeking His Face on a weekly basis. Prayer are the bricks which lay the foundation of our ministry. We are interceding for people across the world through our Monday Night Prayer, 6 AM daily prayer and our famous world renown 4AM bi-weekly Prayer.