Upcoming Events

Men’s Prayer/Breakfast:
This is where men come and meet to pray and discuss real life issues. After prayer and discussion, the men go out and eat breakfast!

Men’s Bible Study: Come out and learn about how biblical principles can help men propel themselves into their destiny.

Health Expo: Learn about health awareness issues such as insurance, nutrition and fitness. Come out eat nutritious snacks, get a work out and find out if you have the right kind of health insurance.

“Youth on Fire” Night: This event for the youth is like no other! Come out and hear great music, eat great food and hear a great message that is creative and fun!

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway: Register now for the chance to win a free thanksgiving dinner. What would make thanksgiving more amazing then to not have to shop for that big meal?

Christmas Dinner Giveaway: Register now for the chance to win a free Christmas Dinner.

APOG Christmas: APOG will be giving away toys this Christmas. Find out how you can get free toys for your child this Christmas.

Saturday Matinee: Come and let your child attend Saturday Matinee. This is a program where your child can come eat lunch, watch a movie and learn sound principles about respect, accountability and integrity. Also there will be a drama team to show the youth an innovative way to spread the message of Jesus Christ!

In the way of progress Abiding Presence of God Church activities include:

Back 2 School Giveaway

Annual October Fest

Quarterly Community Outreach Programs

Men’s Prayer Ministry

Seasonal Finance Summit

Annual Women Health Expo

Women Full of Treasure Ministry